Founders and Managing Editors

Tina Valin
Shirley Craig


Dale Angell
Marina Anderson

Bridget Brady
Mary Carreon
Tony Craig
Sam Davidson
Kia Dargahi
Nathan Edmonson
Andy Greeene
Wendy Justine
Terry Larch
Brittany Lombardi
Erica Lopez
Andrew Mathwick
Karen Meglar
Luis Antonio Miguel
Elisabeth Oei
Alex Ostroff
Ralphael Prepetit
Alice Perez
Sa'iyda Shabazz
Mende Smith
John Tommasino
Brian Taylor
Amber Topping
Autumn Topping
Eric Weintraub
Erin Whitney
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Mira Zimet

Advice Columnists

Stephanie Prince Ling, MS, LMFT
Chrstine Brondyke, Certified Life Coach 

Video Curator

Trevor Ziegler

Copy Editors

Amber Topping
Autumn Topping

Social Media

Mende Smith
Autumn Topping


Martha Ruiz

Website Gurus

Kleber Rodrigues Jr.
Jennifer Anderson





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