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Sharon Freedman has been a professional actor and voiceover artist for the past 15 years. About 5 years ago she was feeling a bit frustrated because she wanted to figure out how to be more of service. She studied at The Coaches Training Institute and learned tools to help people bust through their BS and get moving in a positive direction. Visit her website, Stress Reduction, Joy Production here.

Stephanie Prince Ling is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that practices in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. She is married and has two children, ages 4 and 3 months. Stephanie enjoys people, personally and professionally. Her purpose as a therapist is to empower others by accessing awareness then adapting tools to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Christine Brondyke is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach who has studied with some of the greatest teachers of our time. She studied for four years with renown relationship experts and best selling authors Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, including graduating from their apprentice program. Christine appeared as a guest on the Oprah show sharing her holistic approach to healing domestic violence, and is currently working on her first book. Visit Christine's website for more information

If you are experiencing any personal problems, relationship issues, or career challenges and would like to receive advice from Sharon, Stephanie or Christine please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will try to address your concerns in a timely manner.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality 
By Sharon Freedman 

Actors, writers, directors, we’re all pieces in the big puzzle that makes up a particular project.  It often feels like we’re at the mercy of other people to make all of our decisions for us.  Sure, that’s the case when it comes to whether or not someone chooses to collaborate with you, but we always have a say in the decision too.  More importantly we can choose how we feel about a situation.  Just because you don’t get a certain job doesn’t automatically mean that you have to be upset and feel down and unfocused.  The key to having greater control of your emotions is being able to get clear on what you’re actually feeling without judgment.  This leads us to the second part of Mindfulness, DESCRIBE. Read More


Outta Your Head And Into Your Life By Sharon Freedman

There’s nothing average about the life of an actor.  You rarely stay at a job for years or even decades and you’re continually building relationships so you’ll get your next job offer.  However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be fully engaged in your current project.  In fact, the more invested you are in your current project the more desirable you’ll be to perspective employers.  You’ll notice how a particular TV actor will all of a sudden start working in films.  People want to work with someone who is killing it in their current job because they know they will get the same dedication to their project.  Also, don’t you love the auditions that you do some focused prep work before and then move on to the next part of your day after you’re done?  This is easier said than done if you don’t have some simple yet effective tools to help you gracefully move from moment to moment. Read More


The #1 Stress Reduction Technique By Sharon Freedman

One of the many things that actors love about their lifestyle is how exciting it is that every day can look different.  That being said, actors are no strangers to being crazy busy, running between auditions, classes, bookings, workshops, extra income jobs, while still maintaining a social life. Wouldn’t it be freakin’ awesome to actually enjoy the journey and to not be always focused on what’s next in your schedule. Read more


Performance Anxiety Isn't What You Think! By Christine Brondyke

It’s so common for performers to experience anxiety prior to going on stage that it’s expected that it’s a hurdle that everyone must simply bear. Many performers have specific ways of dealing with the butterflies (or buffalo?!) that dance in their bellies before a show—including vomiting, pushing the feeling down as far as it will go, and/or jumping around nervously backstage while breathing like they’re in labor. Read More.


Life As A Balancing Act By Stephanie Prince Ling, MFT

As a mother of two (one just 4 months old) working full time within the mental-health industry, I decided that my theme for the new year (note: I did not use the term “resolution”) is balance.

I had an epiphany just a few short weeks ago as I was running late for work. After almost forgetting to put baby in the car, I realized I really needed to slow down and figure out how to incorporate more balance into my lifestyle. I realized that I had to examine all facets of my life (time for family and friends, work, self-care, spirituality, etc.), and make sure that I was giving enough attention to each aspect. Read More.


What Have You Done For You Lately? By Stephanie Prince Ling, MFT

Do you find yourself wondering what you’ll be pouring yourself tonight once you get home? (whatever time that will be).  Do you question why you feel older than your actual chronological age? Are you concerned that at times you feel depressed; defeated; easily annoyed and frustrated with others? Work is hard. Life is hard and if you are not treating yourself well in the process, you may start to find that what was once your passion now feels like a nuisance and “just a job."  Read More.

Keeping The Dream Alive 
By Christine Brondyke

Big dreams are wonderful! You wouldn’t be a creative person if you weren’t using some of that creativity to dream up big, beautiful ways to get your work out into the world. Dreams give us something magnificent to shoot for—a goal, an experience, or an expansion of our current reality. Dreams are born out of our innate creativity. What we dream tells us so much about ourselves and where we are headed. Read More


Using Rejection as a Launch Pad for Succcess By Christine Brondyke

There’s nothing more soul crushing than working for weeks, months, or even . . . gulp . . . years, on a project, only to hear a polite, “No, thank you” after submission. Whether it’s a screenplay, song, or audition that you’ve lovingly prepared, all entertainers crave recognition for their work, and when it doesn’t come, it can be devastating.

Of course, most artists learn to develop a thick skin over time . . . or at least find a story they tell themselves that eases the disappointment. (“They wouldn’t know good art if it bit them in the ass!”) But there are times when rejection of your work begins to get in the way of self-confidence or makes you question your purpose for creating art in the first place. When that happens, it’s important to know there are things you can do to ease the pain and endless thoughts of “I’m not good enough.” Read More. 


 Say What? The Basics Of Communication By Stephanie Prince Ling, MFT

Communication - one of the most vital concepts needed for human interaction. Whether you talk; write; text; online chat; or utilize social media, reaching out to someone for the purpose of exchanging ideas; professing a feeling or expressing thoughts,  is a daily task that we all engage in. Within the Entertainment Industry, the standard of communication is key as so many creative ideas are thought of and shared daily.

Along with that, having good communication is essential with regards to functioning within a team dynamic; working with difficult people; managing conflict and so on. So the question is, are YOU a good communicator? Do you spend time forming your thoughts/ideas/feelings before articulating them? Do you share emotional reactions electronically? Do you ever send a request or directive and receive an answer back that is questionable or perhaps out of character for the person intended? Read More


 Life As Improv By Christine Brondyke

The beauty of improv is that we are  constantly challenged to find a way to say "yes" to whatever is tossed our way. Whether in comedic realms or jamming in a musical session, improv is all about flowing with the moment--receiving what's been offered and then responding.

Such can, and should be, the practice in all of life. When we approach life as an opportunity to play, invent, and to say "Yes!" to what shows up, it becomes Art. Sometimes it's dramatic, sometimes comical, but always fresh and new. Read More



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