Dancer’s Spotlight

By Brittany Lombardi

Jorge Delgado, dancer with Urmanity Dance Company and Impact Dance Company in Boston, Massachusetts.
Born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Jorge began classical ballet at the age of seventeen at the Performing and Fine Arts High School under the instruction of Quity Morgan. There he studied classical ballet, basic Jazz, Modern and folkloric dance. The following summer (2009), he was awarded a full scholarship to attend Jose Mateo’s ballet summer intensive. The next summer (2010), he was awarded another full scholarship to attend a Walnut High School ballet intensive in Natick Massachusetts where he dormed for a month and was trained by amazing instructors. This past summer (2013), he had the privilege to attend the Joffrey Ballet School Jazz/Contemporary Summer Intensive in New York. There he studied jazz, street jazz, hip-hop, ballet, modern, contemporary and theatre dance. He is currently enrolled in Northern Essex Community College majoring in Physical Therapy. His goal after dancing professionally is to become a physical therapist for dancers around the world.
How long have you been dancing?
5 years
What is your favorite style?
Contemporary Ballet
What school do you go to?
Northern Essex Community College
What do you study?       
Physical Therapy
How do you feel when you perform?
When I’m performing, I feel like I have the whole world in my hands and live in the moment. Most of the time, I never remember what I did on stage after the performance, almost like if I blacked out.
Talk about a dance experience that moved you or that you are proud of. (A performance, a dance event, fundraiser.)
Summer intensive at Jose Mateo’s in 2008 only had 6 months of dancing ballet.
What is your favorite quote?  
“If you dance with your heart your body will follow. “- Mia Michaels
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