Go To Work And Do Your Job ...
Pay Your Bills. Obey The Law ...

By Andrew Mathwick

Noah Ciceros Go To Work and Do Your job Care for Your Children Pay Your Bills Obey the Law Buy ProductsNoah Ciceros’ writing is like drinking a cup of painfully hot, dark coffee. No creamer or any sweeteners, just scalding hot water poured over crushed Italian coffee beans. At first sip it’s bitter and harsh, but you don’t stop. Keep drinking. It begins to hurt so good. Time goes by, you drink more, and you become addicted. You cherish and crave every sip like it’s your last. You enjoy it, in a great yet, painful and depressing way.

Noah's latest book, Go to work and do your job. Care for your children. Pay your bills. Obey the law. Buy products., is exactly like that. Noah Cicero, to me, is the dad of alternative literature.  He’s been in the writing game since 2003 with his novella The Human War, and he hasn’t stopped making us feel sad/good since, pumping out great books almost every year. This year, I had the pleasure of reading his newest and possibly best novel, Go to work and do your job. Care for your children. Pay your bills. Obey the law. Buy products. With a title like that, you know you’re in for a wild ride. What Noah does best is his integration of political and world issues through his books. His latest possibly does this the best.

Go to work is about a just out of college graduate looking for a job, and with not many options, he turns to a different type of prison (NEOTAP) for work. In this situation, Mike (the main character) learns of prisoners vanishing completely off the face of the earth and with one of his fellow employees discovers what is really going on in NEOTAP. They even watch a movie on Netflix together in the process of uncovering this mystery.

Go to work is a book that will make you feel smarter after you’re done reading it. It will make you feel smarter in a sad but good way, I believe that this book is not only one worth reading, but a book worth making everyone around you read. You truly won’t regret it.

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